ReUnions is proud to present this large and impressive dessert set by Pickard comprising a pudding bowl and separate underplate decorated in the Poppies and Platinum pattern by Passony. The bowl measures just over 8 inches in diameter and stands a bit over 2.25 inches tall. The matching underplate is about 10.5 inches in diameter and stands about 1 inch tall. Both pieces bear marks from Gerard, Dufraisseix & Abbot (G.D.A.) of Limoges France, the plate with the more familiar green GDA France mark, the bowl marked Porcelianes a Feu G.D.A. Limoges, denoting it as cookware. Both pieces are decorated in the Poppies and Platinum pattern by Arthur Passony. This lovely set was from the collection of Alan Reed, author of Collector's Guide to Pickard China, and it is pictured in the book, page 170, plate 364.

There is some confusion about this pattern because there are two similar lines from Pickard from this era, both featuring platinum bands with repeated conventionalized flowers and another platinum band with swirling green foliage. One depicts calla lilies, the other - this one - features white poppies with a hint of purple, pink and yellow. Reed's book refers to all examples of either version as "Calla Lilies" despite the fact that the flowers are clearly different. This particular serving set came from the Reed estate auction, and it is pictured in his book on page 170 in plate 364. But if you look at the next plate 365, you will see a salt and pepper shaker set decorated with calla lilies paired with a vase in poppies. Collectors generally refer now to this pattern as Poppies and Platinum.

The generous use of platinum in this pattern creates a mirror-bright surface, and against the cream ground, those bands reflect off other surfaces of the bowl, creating the illusion of additional decoration. Against the top platinum band a repeating white poppy motif depicting a flower with subtle hints of pink, purple and yellow, with a gold stem against the platinum descending to the cream ground below. A second ring inside the bowl features a sinuous wave of green foliage ringing the center. On the outside of the bowl, the platinum with green band repeats at the top. The exterior ground fades to a pinkish blush as it nears the bottom of the dish, adding a hint of color to the space between the two pieces. The outer band of poppies on the rim of the underplate reflect off the cream ground of the bowl, creating a shadow poppy pattern.

This set is spectacular, and it has the provenance of belonging to Alan Reed and appearing in his book, but it does have a condition issue to note. At some point, a repair was effected to the outer platinum rim on the bowl, and new metallic finish has been carefully cut to fit a section that must have been damaged. The newer overlay is brighter than the original platinum. It is not an easy repair to spot, and it escaped the notice of auctioneers as well. The key point is that it does not attract the eye without close inspection, and the set shows beautifully even with this repair. There is also some minor wear to the thin gold circle on the plate from contact with the bowl.

ReUnions has ReUnited an array of hand-painted china from Pickard, Donath and other studios, as seen in the final photo. Visit our shop for the complete selection.

About Pickard China

Wilder A. Pickard founded Pickard China in the 1890s to produce fine hand-decorated china for the American market. Importing blank porcelain from major European makers, Pickard artists designed and executed beautiful hand-painted tableware that was sold in the finest department stores and jewelers. His Chicago studios employed hundreds of decorators and artists through the years, many of whom went on to go into business for themselves. Today, Pickard China produces and decorates its own china here in the US, offering classic and contemporary patterns featuring Pickard’s signature application of 22K gold. Pickard China is featured in the US State Department’s embassies around the world, and they have produced sets for the White House and Air Force One.

About the Artist

Arthur Passony was born Arturo Passoni in Italy, and over the years his signature changed to Passony or AP. He worked for Pickard during the 1900s and 1910s, and his Calla Lilies/Poppies and Platinum are probably his best known and most recognizable work, though he also produced Aura Argenta Linear, another pattern featuring platinum. He operated his own studio for a time in the 1910s in addition to working for Pickard.

About the Alan Reed Collection

No one has done more to document the history of Pickard China and other Chicago-area studios than the late Alan Reed. Reed’s definitive work “Collector’s Encyclopedia of Pickard China” gathered historical documents, interviews with descendants of many artists, and most of all, beautiful color photographs of as many different patterns and eras as he was able to find. Reed helped to establish pattern names and date ranges associated with each Pickard mark.

Recently, Reed’s family offered selected pieces from his collection for auction, many of which are pictured in his book. ReUnions was fortunate enough to acquire some of these treasures and is offering selected items for sale. ReUnions can provide the buyer with documentation to verify the provenance of any piece we sell from the Alan Reed Collection.

Hand Painted, Porcelain
Cream, Green, Pink, Silver, White
Pickard, Chicago Studios
Art Nouveau
United States • American
Bowls, Platters, Serving Pieces


Pickard Large Pudding Bowl and Underplate in Poppies and Platinum by Passony from the Reed Collection

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