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George Baxter is known as the inventor of color printing, patenting his process in England in 1835. He designed the images, engraved the steel printing plates, prepared up to twenty plus wood or metal blocks to print each individual color and then printed them, all on hand presses, one color at time. From 1850 -1859 Baxter produced a number of prints specifically for Victorian needle manufacturers to adorn their small needle packet boxes. The “Baxter Prints” were designed as an image that could be cut into individual prints and then pasted on the lids of these boxes. They were sold in sets, one box for each size needle, and laid together in a larger box, reproducing the whole picture. From 1865-1880 George Baxter Jr. continued to produce the tiny prints, first using his father’s process, but in 1875 giving it up to print by chromolithography, a much cheaper alternative. The Baxter print boxes were very popular with the ladies at the time.

Here is a needle packet box that has a section of an exotic print of sailing the high seas. It shows the piece of the image with a clipper ship and a small boat setting out, perhaps, for an island. Like most of these boxes, this one measures 1” x 1 ½” x ½”. It is made of heavy card, covered with light green paper on the bottom, pink paper on the inside and white paper overlaid with gold foil on the top. The print is slightly smaller than the box so that the gold foil forms a frame for it. Inside the box is one needle packet of A. Shrimpton & Son’s of Redditch #8 “richly finished grooveless sharps”.

The box is in excellent condition. Please examine the photos and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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19thc Baxter Print Needle Packet Box - Clipper Ship


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