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M & J Adams White Ironstone handleless cup and saucer set with 3 saucers. This very early 1800-1820 handle less cup and matching saucers have a tiny impressed lozenge which appears to have the John Adams early signature mark. Replacements LTD has this history "Two hundred years before the Adams China Co. opened for business, a record of two brothers was filed in an English courthouse. In 1448, Adam and Richard Adams were fined for digging clay in the middle of an English street. Although we have been unable to find literature to support the claim that Adam and Richard were related to John Adams, the man who would later open Adams China, Adams Ironstone archives still reference this story as part of the Adams Ironstone legacy."

"Two hundred years later, John Adams opened a pottery house in Staffordshire, England. The factory that he built became known as the Brick House Works. During the early years of production, the Adams Company primarily focused on reproducing designs that were being imported from the Orient. The English were fascinated by the beautiful floral and geometric designs that were finding their way to England from the Far East. The Adams Company specialized in making white pottery, ironstone, and cookware."

The handleless white ironstone cup has 3 deep saucer underplates, each with a soft satin mat glaze. The only decoration features 3 impressed flower groups. The handle less cups preceded the cups with handles when people poured their hot tea into their deep saucers to cool before drinking. In fine condition with no damage, the cup measures 3.5" by 3.25" high. The saucers have a 6" diameter. Scarce, simply elegant, this late 18th to early 19th century white ironstone cup with 3 sipping saucers is a scarce and lovely antique set.


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Circa 1810-1820s Early White Ironstone Handleless Cup with 3 saucers

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