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In this premium vintage Chinese glass reverse painting from the 1930's, the artist painted on the reverse side of the glass. This beautiful painting shows two women with a scroll. All of our Chinese reverse paintings were made in northern China.

The wood frame is original and has a metal bracket at the top for hanging the picture. The frame has some scratches on its surface and there are a few spots on the background in the painting that are probably due to age and only noticeable up close.

The painting measures approximately 21"H x 15"W x 1”D (53 x 38 x 3 cm). For protection during shipping, the painting will be wrapped in bubble wrap and packed in an inner and outer box with foam peanuts around the painting and between the inner and outer boxes. If the glass breaks, the painting is ruined.

Dealer discounts and reduced shipping costs available on all Chinese Reverse Paintings for a purchase of 6 or more paintings of any design at one time.
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Vintage Chinese Reverse Painting on glass


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