Vintage 1930’s-1940’s Birmingham Stove & Range Red Mountain Series flat bottom Dutch oven. This vintage B S & R cookware series by the company started production by the 1930’s and ceased production by the late 1950’s when the company introduced the “Century Series”. This is an unmarked cast iron pot manufactured by B S & R and B S & R was one of the many smaller foundries that did not mark all of their cast iron due to their marketing strategy. Many of these pieces were sold through large retail stores i.e. Sears & Roebuck or Montgomery Wards. This allowed the smaller foundries to sell to a larger customer market at a lower price which was determined by the retailer and B S & R did not have to sacrifice their name brand. This vintage flat bottom Dutch oven features a flat smooth bottom or cooking surface with no heat ring and a bail handle. The indented or dimpled lid interior was one of the B S & R trademarks and was for basting drippers. Condition is excellent with no holes, chips, cracks and is well seasoned. The pot measures 8 ½” high with an inside diameter of 9”. Great camping cookware that will cook your food like no other cookware on the market.


My Grandmother Had One

Vintage 1930’s-1940’s Birmingham Stove & Range Red Mountain Series Flat Bottom Dutch Oven


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