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Collected in 1929 by the owner of the Spear Cattle Ranch outside Kingman, AZ while on a horse buying trip to the Apache reservation at Dulce, NM, these moccasins along with leggings, horned war headdress, awl cases and knife sheaths where from the personal family of a retired army scout. These moccasins and the other pieces listed in my store are fabulous and unique to this Eastern most Apache group. Because of their unique location and trading relationships with other tribes the beading pattern and style is influenced heavily by local Plains Indian peoples and unlike their Western Apache cousins these moccasins show that distinct influence and yet exhibit the color choices and simplicity common to the Jicarilla. The condition issues are stiffness to the leather and soles, and some minor bead loss on the toe of the left moccasin along with a slight tear that has been repaired and sewn by thread at some earlier point. The uppers are still sewn tightly by sinew to the rawhide parfleche soles and display beautifully in their fully beaded condition. Measuring 11" x 4".


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1880's Jicarilla Fully Beaded Moccasins


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