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About Ogee's Antiques

Our Service Pledge
We want to see return customers in our shop and we think the quality of our service and the merchandise we offer will insure that relationship.
We usually ship within 2 business days after payment has been received. If there is going to be a delay in shipping, we will notify you before the transaction is completed. We in turn expect payment of a purchase order within three days.
Our pledge to you; We will not sell, or freely distribute your private information to anyone. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. When you give us your personal information, it is used to accurately process and ship your order, nothing more. This is our guarantee to you as our valued customer.
About Us
Welcome to our shop! Robert & I have always tried to offer a diverse inventory of vintage items for your shopping pleasure without the hassle of an auction format. I will do my best to continue to grow the business we created together.

Every item listed in our shop is priced and available to be purchased.

We started the business for more than 40 years and I am continuing to acquire knowledge along the way. I have a vast library of reference books and utilize the internet when researching items I list for sale. I don't consider myself to be an expert in any field but try to be knowledgeable in all of the items I offer for sale and try to represent them accurately.

Regarding sales, discounts and Wish List items. We are not a "big box" store. That being said, we generally don't buy with a large margin to offer large discounts, we are in business to make a living and pay our bills. We often do not participate in promotions like the Ruby Red Tag sales on Ruby Lane. We try to price our inventory reasonably for both of us. HOWEVER from time to time we offer a time sensitive, modest discount for items in our shop that are put on a Wish List. Wish List items are anonymous. I have no way of reaching out to an individual with an item from our shop on a Wish List.

We always bought with you, the collector, in mind! I am NOT a collector holding back the good stuff. I own and have in my possession all of the merchandise that I offer for sale. It will be packaged and shipped by me and not a third party. The best items I find are always offered to you, our customers. That has been our practice for more than 35 years and I intend to continue that way. No matter what you collect, I think you'll find something of interest in our shop! I take your business seriously and have done so since 1978. I want to see return customers in our shop and I think the quality of my service and the merchandise I offer will insure that relationship.

As you browse our inventory you'll find lots of fun and interesting items. We have old toys including tin, wind up, cast iron, celluloid and battery operated toys. I also sell antique advertising items, black memorabilia, cookie jars, talc tins, old samples and celluloid mirrors. We have a variety of porcelains and pottery including pieces from Germany and Japan. We have S & V items, Frankoma pottery, Nippon and more . You'll also find old safety razors and other shaving items, tools, art deco items, thimbles and a variety of tape measures and other sewing accessories. We have glassware, old books, postcards and sheet music. You might also find some of your old friends like Reddy Kilowatt, Hopalong Cassidy, Popeye, Elsie the Borden Cow and other advertising mascots!

Stay awhile and look around....who knows what you'll uncover! I hope you'll enjoy the variety of vintage items we have for sale in our shop. If you have fun, please share us with a friend!

YES, I do have a Lay-Away Plan... These are the terms;
On purchases $50.00 to $200.00 - 1/2 down by credit card or Pay Pal, the balance plus shipping in 30 days.
Contact me on purchase orders over $200.00, usually I will accept 1/3 down by credit card or Pay Pal, 1/3 in 30 days, and the balance plus shipping 30 days later.
Items will ship upon final payment. The standard 15% restocking fee will apply if the purchase order is canceled after the initial down payment has been made.

I look forward to omy relationship with you and hope you'll find your experience with me on Ruby Lane a pleasurable one.
Debra Helton
1203 Cerramar Ct
ID 83616

Ruby Lane Exclusive since 2002
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